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tv   9 News Now at 6am  CBS  December 27, 2011 6:00am-7:00am EST

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look for temperatures to hold in the 40s. we're sitting right about 42 degrees right now. we'll maintain that until about 10:00, 11:00 when the steadier rains come in. we should inch our temperatures up a couple of degrees. maybe getting to about 50, 51 degrees by 4:00. then things will start to improve. we'll taper off on the rain between 6:00 and 7:00 and then we'll see some partial clearing overnight tonight. right now, prepare for the cold temperatures as you stretch out, we're in the 30s and the 40s. >> overall, it has been a relatively easy commute, i would say. for tuesday morning. basically, a holiday week for a lot of people. we're going to take a look first of all at 95. let's take a live look. we've got delays beginning at the prince william parkway toward the occoquan river. then we'll take a live look into springfield. no problems here coming up from route 644 to the beltway. on the inner loop north of route 236, watch out for the accident on the right shoulder. we'll go a little further north
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on 395 on the northbound side, the brake lights beginning at duke street heading up toward seminary road. rest assured once you're beyond this, you're ok to the 14th street bridge. back over to the graphic, giving. >> heads up. mark brunswick line 892 was scheduled to depart at 6:05. it has been canceled. you can use your metro ticket. next frederick departure at 7:10 a.m. thanks, monika. you already know some of your money, your tax money is being wasted on lawmakers pet projects. but the amount being wasted is staggering! $6 billion according to one senator's report. jessica doyle is at the site of one of the projects that is being called wasteful in the report. jess, over to you. >> good morning to you, mike. columbia heights, a revitalized portion of the district. this ihop here behind me finds itself on the hit list from republican senator tom coburn, a fiscal conservative. he's sent out his waste book
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which is a list of 100 projects he says has contributed $6.5 billion to the federal deficit. let me tell you a little bit about this ihop. $766,000 of taxpayer money went to the anacostia development corporation to help build this franchise and train its workers. some say that is just a waste. >> unfortunately, the federal government has subsidized directly or indirectly not only flapjacks but grass fed cow butter, beef jerky and mushroom pizzas after a menu like that, it is taxpayers who are reaching for the antacid. >> reporter: now, what does elmo have to do with flapjacks? $10 million went to produce a pakistani sesame street. $120 million went to retirement and disability benefits. the federal employees who have already died. back here in columbia heights, some are calling this location
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handpicked for -- pancakes for yuppies. a year ago, this location opened up and at the time, they said it was giving about 150 new jobs to the community. 95% of those jobs went to district residents. so, the question of revitalization and waste can come down to being in the eye of the beholder. mike? back to you. >> that's indeed true. thanks, jess live in columbia heights this morning. so, would you like to read senator coburn's entire 98-page report for yourself? just go to and check out the story right on our front page. the man accused of killing two people and kidnapping a 2- year-old boy is now in custody. police arrested jamal clemons yesterday afternoon. richmond police and u.s. marshals surrounded a home where clemons was staying. he wouldn't come out so police got a key and went inside to get him instead. >> officers opened up the door
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and made an announcement at which time he gave himself up on his own voluntary without any incident. >> police say clemons shot and killed edward bowmer jr. and robin clapp. they say he stole an suv to get away and that vehicle with a 2- year-old boy inside. police do not think clemons knew the child was in there. the boy was released unharmed a short time later. some virginia drivers who got tickets for driving without proof of insurance will have the tickets tossed out. do you have to have insurance in the commonwealth and you can't lie it to police and the dmv but not carrying proof in your car is not a crime. police in prince william county and several other jurisdictions have mistakenly written tickets for it. again, they'll be thrown out. >> we turn our attention to the 12 presidential race with one week to go before the iowa caucus, none of the g.o.p. candidates will pick up a key
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endorsement. our partners report iowa governor branstad will choose not to back any other republican. his communication director calls a last-minute endorsement highly improbable. branstad is finishing his first year as iowa's governor. well, ahead of the presidential election, a lot of people are leaving their political parties. the "usa today" finds that two and a half million americans have switched parties or become independent altogether. delia gonsalves has an unscientific look into why. >> reporter: on a gusty winter day outside the white house -- >> these people have lost a lot of trust in pretty much anyone. >> reporter: the weather isn't the only chill in the air. a recent "usa today" poll suggests political winds are shifting, too. >> people want some decisions to be made. >> there are a lot of people that are really suffering. they really don't care about democrat or republican. they just want some answers. >> the history of america, the incumbent party has always lost
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a little support in midterm elections. >> the numbers may be surprising. 1.7 million people have left the democratic party since 2008. the same year ohio congressman dennis kucinich ran an unsuccessful bid for the white house. >> when i first came to congress, i came there with the intention of trying to make the country a better place. i still want to do that but i start to see the system and the system is failing the american people right now. >> the eight swing states have seen the biggest democrat disappearing act, colorado, florida, iowa, nevada, new hampshire, new mexico, north carolina and pennsylvania. >> you know, i think the political state it is, everybody is scared about what's happening. >> people are searching for signs of improvement. >> mostly, i blame the republicans. i think they're very much in the mode of saying no. they're willing to take down the entire country and the economy just to make sure obama doesn't get re-elected. >> i think the republicans are trying to make a play. what you saw happen with the house democrats last week was interesting. they were trying to get a year
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deal and somehow in the media, it was turned around that they were being obstinate by the fact it was what the president wanted and house republicans wanted. >> delia gonsalves, 9news now. >> democrat have taken a big hit, they still dominate the political field with more than 42 million registered voters. independents have shown the most growth since 2008. time now, 6:07. in about five minutes, some grapey recordings that are a -- some grainy recordings that are a part of history. >> those were some of the first sounds ever recorded. learn how researchers are taking a listen using some modern technology. and up next, a windy and rainy tuesday coming your way. your weather first when 9news now returns. keep it here.
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satellite and radar showing we have the clouds overhead. some of the moisture is now
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just moving on in along i-81. it is making tracks toward the washington area. we'll definitely see moderate rain into the afternoon. monika? >> we're going to take a live look actually, we're going to look at a map. on the northbound side of kenilworth avenue, just north of eastern avenue, work continues on an accident sitting on the shoulder here in cheverly. no problems to report on the bw parkway or route 50 this morning. coming up, another look at area roads at 6:18. mike? >> thanks, monika. let's check on some of the stories making news this morning. three medical experts were killed near jacksonville, florida, as they were rushing to pick up a donated heart for a patient in need of a transplant when the chopper they were in went down yesterday. an al-qaeda group in iraq is claiming responsibility for last thursday's deadly wave of attacks in baghdad. at least 69 people were killed. the bombing was a major attack since u.s. troops left iraq.
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toyota is rolling out what it claims will be the world's most fuel efficient hybrid called the prius c. it gets 63 miles to the gallon it went on sale in japan. the car will come to the u.s. in the latter half of 2012. well, these days, we don't even think about leaving a voice mail but a century ago, recording anything was a big deal. now, we're getting a listen to the very first sounds ever recorded. brian todd shows us a unique way we're getting to hear history. the audio clips among the earliest ever recorded have been virtually unplayable for over a century. in the past year, scientists have found a way to listen to them. after thomas edison invented the phonograph in 1877, there was a rush of competition to make sound recording commercially viable. >> edison and the bell had settled on the cylinder as the
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format. >> alexander graham bell, inventor of the telephone was part of the competition. he sent several sealed tin boxes to protect himself in case of a future patent challenge. the recordings have stored in the smithsonian since the 1880s but with no device to play them, they sat on the shelf. enter karl haber of lawrence berkeley national laboratory. >> we can use the camera to take a large number of pictures of the item and create a very, very detailed digital representation of the structure of the surface. i'm going to rotate the record now. you'll see this starting to move up and down as if a needle was riding up and down. >> around 18,000 optical images are taken for each rotation of the disk. then the computer does its work to play back sound from the images. >> this kind of bowl is the groove that the stylist would
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sit in. >> there is a reading from shakespeare's hamlet. >> to be or not to be. >> and mary had a little lamb. >> at that point, the first part of the record ends. something apparently went wrong. it is probably the first recorded example of somebody being disappointed. >> the digital ma'aming system is ideal for archivists trying to protect the disks because there is no physical contact needed to hear the audio recordings. >> that was brian todd reporting. the smithsonian's national museum of american history has about 200 early recordings from alexander graham bell's laboratory. you can listen to them by visiting the museum's web site and if you keep your ear open, you'll ahear the sound of rain. >> it will be coming down. a good afternoon you get to relax. a lot of folks are taking the break between the christmas and the new year.
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if you have to get up and get out in it, it will be messy. >> i think we've got a good two hours before things start to get slick on the roadways. mainly overcast skies. if you're just getting up and heading out for the paper or walking the dog this morning, it will be a little brisk. we have winds out of the south about 10 miles per hour at this time. but the overcast skies have been with us overnight. by about 8:00 tonight to 9:00, we'll start to see the rain creeping in from the west. it won't be too heavy to start because it is the fringe of the system that will approach us first. as it gets closer though, a little bit more steady rain through midmorning and especially noontime. and into the early afternoon where we can see some of the heaviest downpours moving on through. most areas should pick up about half an inch of rain. there are some areas that would get closer to one inch by the time this is all said and done. temperatures will creep upward by about 3:00 to 4:00, we should top out into the lower 50s for reagan national airport. some of the suburbs because of that dampness, will even stay
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in the 40s for highs for today. the rain is just about moving on into our region but the sunshine definitely will return behind that next system. we'll have to deal with a bit of a sloppy commute possibly on the way home as the moisture will just be moving out around about the 6:00 hour, then much cooler temperatures tomorrow as we sit into the 40s looking good for the holiday weekend though, we'll bring back sunshine for you. doppler radar shows just how much moisture is around. there is a little bit of red here through charleston, west virginia. some steadier rain is starting to pour down through. but most of that beginning to taper off. i think a lot of our region is going to be spared from some of that heaviest stuff but there could be a couple of pockets to contend with. current temperatures continue to slide. about 40 down into southern maryland and southern virginia. it is feeling much colder. feeling more like freezing in most locations. with that wind out of the south at about 5 to 10 miles per hour at this hour. we can see some moderate rain to start. notice the light green shading
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around about the 11:00 a.m. hour. the steadier rain begins to move on through. some could be steady as the actual front slides through, it will clear out quickly. skies will clear. things will start to improve and even our seven-day forecast is looking pretty good. however, we'll see some of that rain in some areas. the seven-day forecast, cools down behind the system. not too bad on thursday and friday with a few cool mornings but we slowly begin to build back some sunshine as we head into saturday and we're even keeping the forecast dry for the first day of the new year. monika? >> well, nothing is too terrible to report. i'm happy to say this morning. good morning, everybody. northbound on i-95, a heads up. there is a jackknifed tractor trailer north of dumfries road. the reason i'm saying it is not a big deal is it has been pushed off far enough on to the right shoulder that it is not causing any problems as of yet northbound on i-95. let's take a look on the north
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side of town if you're planning to head over to the beltway in silver spring, you will be ok on the outer loop here. no issues to report. we'll take a live look near kenilworth avenue in the greenbelt area. if you're heading southbound, all the way to willson bridge, you'll be ok on the beltway. back over to the maps, west side, 66, the dulles toll road. no problems to report right now. 66 is looking good out of centreville. toll road looks good out of leesburg. looking good on route 123 and route 7 in the tysons corner area. here is the american legion bridge. no problems to report whether you're leaving 270 down into bethesda or heading on the beltway through bethesda and into tysons corner. now, it is time to check out the morning lights! all month long, we're showing off your christmas displays. >> you guys really are in the holiday spirit in frederick, maryland. we've received so many e-mails from there including this one from the shriner family.
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bill and cindy love those inflatable decorations. here's one of a polar bear and a dog. the dog has a stocking hanging out of his mouth. see that on the right? >> yes. >> there are plenty -- wait, then there's this one. some pretty lazy reindeer. they don't look like they want to pull santa's sleigh. >> the one in the back is covering his eyes. that's no good. >> we'll be showing off the pictures you sent us all week. to see the morning lights we feature all month, type in morning lights in the search bar. >> ok, 6:19. coming up next new season for the wizards. same ole results. >> up first, time to check again on the question of the morning. a recent study asks what is the most annoying every day phrase and this was number one. is it... no big deal translates to whatever, mom.
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>> facebook friend bobby is a comedian saying my bad is no big deal, don't like it. sorry about that. >> comedian is right. keep the guesses coming. we'll reveal the answer at 6:49.
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welcome back. cloudy skies and damp conditions moving on in. so far this morning, we're dry in the metro area but that is changing. rain should start to roll in just after the 9:00 hour by 10:00 and 11:00, all of us will be underneath moderate rainfall could be heavy at times as we head in toward the afternoon. noontime temperatures ease through the 40s. we should get a high into the lower 50s by later on this afternoon. good morning, everybody. they may be a month late but the nba back in action last night. wizards open their shortened
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season against new jersey. and the first half it was like a dream state. wizards were dominating up 21 at one point. who were these guys but then the nightmare began all over again. wizards finally getting the season underway. andre black gets the ball underneath. wizards up 20-10 then in the second, nick young puts the wizards up 26-13. they go up by 21 just in the first half. darren williams with the fake to humphries for the dunk. nets tie the game at 55 under 2:00 left, william for the three. puts the nets up five. don wall with a chance to tie it. turns the ball over. wizards blow a 21-point lead with a 90-84 loss to the nets in the their season opener. >> the caps also in action up in buffalo. the sabres came out on fire. jason scores in the first minute of the game. matt ellis, 2:00 later, sabres go up 4-0. matt hendrix watches
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the shutout. ovechkin, goal on the power play. the caps can't complete the comeback. sabres beat the caps 4-2. it was a rough day after christmas in washington sports. that's going to do it for your morning sports, i'm kristin berset. have a great tuesday! well, i'm pretty sure she's sleeping now but last night, i am positive andrea roane was cheering in a big way. drew brees threw the touchdown pass for nine yards and with it, he breaks dan marino's single season passing yards record. new orleans steam rolls the falcons 45-16. saints are now tied for the second season in the nfc playoffs. get ready to pay up in prince george's county. learn what county executive is saying about bringing in more revenue. plenty of revenue for online retailers. learn how many people spent christmas day shopping online. before we head to break, quick check of the commute.
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monika? >> we'll take a look at a map. there is an accident reported on the inner loop of the beltway between georgetown pike and the gw parkway. inner loop of the beltway. more on that and other area roadways coming up in my next report. you're watching 9news now. stay with us.
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>> welcome back. 6:30. this is the place where you can always get your weather first. it looks like traffic is light but you can expect some rain headed our way. 42 degrees here in northwest. not sure of the temperature in northern virginia. thanks for joining us. i'm mike hydeck. andrea and howard are both off this week. olga breese is live on the weather terrace with your forecast. >> it is a pleasure to be out here right now. the raindrops have not yet started falling. we have mostly cloudy skies. very cool conditions and a little bit of a breeze blowing. that means the rain should be arriving in our area within the next two hours. it could be heavy at times. and it will be fairly steady into the late afternoon. so, by as early as 9:00, you can see some of the rain begin to fall. subtle wind shifts, highs for most of us only in the upper 40s. we should get to about 51, 52 degrees at the reagan national airport. it will be a very cool day today and even cooler behind
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that front. as we head into tomorrow. and into thursday. i'll have your full forecast in a couple of minutes. now, let's take a check of traffic with monika. >> thank you, olga. west side of town where there was an accident reported on the inner loop of the beltway just north of the georgetown pike. before the gw parkway. i believe everything has been moved to the shoulder. you should be ok. no troubles to report on the toll road or 66. let's take a live look at 270. you've got delays into clarksburg. father hurley boulevard looks pretty good heading down to the point where the lanes divide. back over to the maps, this time into virginia again on the northbound side of i-95 where you've got a bit of slow traffic. let's take a live look. slowing down from the prince william parkway in toward woodbridge. then a live look a little further north into springfield as you head northbound on i-95, no issues to report as you head from 644 to the beltway. 395 will be a little heavy from duke street to seminary road. again, all lanes are open and
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no big deals as you head for downtown and the 14th street bridge. all week long at this time, we're taking a look at the biggest things of 2011 and this morning, the top selling albums of the year. mike? i bet that you know what number one is. mum's the word. >> i do. because dan wrote the script. that's why. >> let's check out the rest of the top five first. at number five, british singer susan boyle's the gift. she won britain's got talent in 2009. number four, the only man on the top five is country singer jason aldean. number three is lady gaga with born this way. number two is country pop star of course, taylor swift's album. and number one, mike, it is your favorite. ♪ >> adele's smash album 21. according to nielsen, it sold more than 54 million copies
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right here in the united states. it is the best selling album since 2002. >> who knew. you know who knew? i knew because my producer dan reminds me every day. >> she's nominated for six grammy awards in february. i just went through her web site. you know what she said when she saw that. she said i made the record. you made it what it has become. >> dan. [ laughter ] >> that's right, dan. >> very talented. they just overplay her. but she's very talented. >> great voice. >> after opening all of the presents, more of us apparently are going online to buy some things for ourselves. ibm reports online shopping jumped 16% on christmas day compared to christmas day last year. and we're still looking for bargains it seems. online shopping done using mobile devices jumped 173%. uncle sam, $6 billion of your
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tax money on useless projects according to a senate republican. and on that list, an ihop restaurant in the district. jessica doyle is outside the ihop in columbia heights with more on the report. here we go, good morning. >> good morning to you, mike. good morning, everybody. we're talking about republican senator tom coburn from oklahoma. a famous fiscal conservative out with his annual waste book. it is 100 projects he says wasted $6.5 billion of taxpayer money. now, this ihop here in columbia heights is on the list. $766,000 in taxpayer money went to local developers to revitalize this spot. this ihop opened a year ago, a 24 hour place to get pancakes, some are calling it pancakes for yuppies and some critics say blame the waste on congress. of. >> well, this is a list of shame and the ones who ought to be ashamed are not only the
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bureaucrats who might have misspent this money but the members of congress who are failing to oversee these programs in the first place. >> now, in terms of the controversy in this spot, some are saying this revitalization money shouldn't have gone to columbia heights. they say it has already been revitalized. we're down the street from the metro station. back in 1999, that metro stop opened up really kicked off the revitalization project in this area. on this side, we have luxury apartments. they go for about $1800 a month for a one bedroom. on the other side of the street, we have the ihop though. very much caters to the folks who were walking around here using the metro stop. that's what we have seen thus far this morning. not tons of yuppies driving around in their bmws and mercedes. the controversy you could say is as hot as the pancakes this morning. >> the pancakes are good, i can
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say firsthand. jess, this is not the first pork barrel spending report done by senator coburn. you actually talked about one involving protected animals recent limit. >> that's right. that one was called subsidies of the rich and famous. $9.5 billion in subsidies to millionaires in 2003. now, we focused on the $10 million that went to two millionaires to essentially not revitalize, not build up the property where something called the stage brush rabbit was living or the brush rabbit at the time. so, yeah, senator coburn does a lot of these reports and they are awfully fun to read and definitely controversial. >> indeed. thank you, jess live in columbia heights this morning. a group of d.c. activists don't want the district's world war i memorial used as a national memorial. the d.c. memorial is along independence avenue on the national mall. the association of the oldest inhabitants of the district of
6:37 am
columbia would rather see a national memorial built on pershing park east of the white house. they say because the d.c. memorial was built with local money, it should stay focused on the city. the memorial recently underwent a makeover, paid for by the feds. head of prince george's county says he will not rule out anything when it comes to raising revenue on the county. county executive ra shurn baker tells the washington post his list includes bringing in slot machines as well as a possible hike in the gas tax. prince george's county is facing a $100 million budget gap and a hike in property taxes is limited because of a voter-approved cap in the county. married same-sex couples pay $6,000 a year more in federal taxes than traditional married couples. that's because they can't file their federal taxes jointly. cnn crunched the numbers. the problem is same-sex couples ka cannot combine their income or their deductions. married same-sex couples can
6:38 am
file state taxes jointly in other a dozen states. time now, just about 6:38. coming up in nine minutes, recycling your christmas tree. what you need to know before you haul it to the curb. and grab the umbrella! rain is heading our way. it is going to get heavy, too. highs around 50. a check on the seven-day forecast when 9news now returns. keep it here.
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er good morning, everyone. it is 6:42. welcome back. we do have cloud cover overhead. it is a little bit on the gloomy side. so far, dry. in the metro area this morning but things are changing. moisture is moving in from our
6:43 am
south and our west. definitely on the rise here. temperatures are in the 40s. by about 10:00, 11:00, we'll definitely see the raindrops falling around the beltway. 44 degrees as we move on up toward 50 by late afternoon. some steady rain is possible, we're calling it moderate. we could have heavy downpours in some isolated areas. then after about 6:00, 7:00, we start to clear out. partial clearing late in the evening and temperatures should remain in the 30s for overnight lows tonight. here's how it looks for the next 24 hours. the rain is at our doorstep. we will feature some heavy downpours at times and then we'll have the opportunity for a cooler forecast on both wednesday and thursday as we start to shift the winds that even pick up a bit of a breeze by wednesday afternoon. new year's eve, so far looks great. even new year's day stays dry but we're tracking changes in the forecast that bring about more of a december and january pattern as we're heading into the bulk of winter. rain already arrived in charlottesville.
6:44 am
it is slowly inching on forward but it will be fairly light at the fringe of this system and then as it starts to move on through, we'll see some of the steadier rainfall amounts as we get in toward the afternoon. this is a low pressure system. it has pulled on up from the south. it is dragging a front along with it. that will open the door for cooler temperatures later on this week. it is fairly cold outside. especially when you factor in the winds from the south and the southwest. 42 at reagan national. feeling much colder than that at this hour. we'll see the moisture move on in. time starch about 11:00 has it well over the metro area. then in toward the midday and late afternoon, some of the steadiest rain could even be on your commute home this evening but by around 6:00, 7 kwaofrplt, we clear out quickly. things will be definitely improving. here is how the forecast is looking for today. highs into the upper 40s for most. a few 50s for reagan national and points south and west. we'll definitely see the opportunity for the cool temperatures and breezy
6:45 am
temperatures on wednesday. not too bad on thursday. friday and saturday, stay dry. saturday night for new year's eve looking good. monika? >> overall, i think we've had a pretty easy commute and that's the way it is going to be pretty much for the rest of the week. luckily. if you have to go to work, very little to deal with the exception of some slow traffic. namely on 270, route 85 as you head down into clarksburg. let's take a live look. it will be kind of through the gaithersburg area here at shady grove road. it is a little bit heavy. down to the point where the lanes divide, you'll be absolutely fine. this time, there is an accident in beltsville on route one right near sunnyside avenue. 95 is not affected. you're fine out of baltimore. same story on the bw parkway. on the beltway through greenbelt as well. we'll take a live look at the beltway. down at route 4, pennsylvania avenue. everything is fine here as you head through oxon hill, wilson bridge and over to the springfield area. coming up, we'll take another look at area roadways at 6:58.
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mike, back to you. thank you, monika. 6:45 right now. chances are your christmas tree looks kind of nice right now. it is going to start getting brown in a few days, however and prince george's county is going to make it easy for residents to recycle those trees. to explain how, we're joined this morning by environmental planner from the county, bob renning. thanks for joining us. what do you need to do before you bring it to the curb? >> make sure it is an unadorned christmas tree. take off the stand, the lights, the ornaments, tinsel. >> that seems like common sense. do people put it on the curb? >> oh, yeah, we collect a lot of christmas lights. >> which can cause a problem. >> the trees get ground up and chipped at a facility. to go through there with the lights on, it would mess up the process. >> first and foremost, take everything off the tree before you put it out. there are several places where you can recycle it. do you have a curbside program. are there other things as well?
6:47 am
>> we have two drop-off sites. one is located at 3501 states road monday through saturdays from 7:00 to 6:00 p.m. until january 31st. we have our facility at 6601 southeast crane highway in upper marlboro open monday through friday where citizens can bring trees there also. >> that's part of the county service. is there an extra fee for that or as long as you abide by that? >> it is included in the recycling programs. >> so, how many times -- you said you have seen tree stands still attached. >> they leave everything hooked on. they throw them right out at the curb. >> first and foremost, take everything off your tree including the decorations, the bulbs, the lights and the stands and recap, curbside is until how long? >> until the 31st of january. >> ok and the other locations to bring yourself are... >> they're located in upper marlboro and that's monday through friday from 7:30 to
6:48 am
3:00 and then the other location at brown station road is open monday through saturday from 7:00 to 6:00. that location is only good until january 31st also. >> ok, good. thank you for coming in this morning. >> my pleasure. >> monika, over to you. >> other parts of our region have christmas tree recycling programs set up. the common thread, remove all decorations. in the district, put your christmas tree out between january 2nd and the 9th. any trees picked up by the 14th will be recycled. you can put the tree out with the trash. in fairfax county, you can put out any tree shorter than eight feet out on your regular recycling day through january 14th and if your tree is bigger than eight feet, call your trash collector. in montgomery county, you can put the tree out on the normal recycling day through february 3rd. that does not mean march or april. do not put it in a plastic bag. and in charles county, maryland, the county will mulch your tree through january 14th
6:49 am
all for free. there are 11 recycling sites around the county. go to for details on those and other places around the region. >> some people just don't want to stop the holiday feeling. >> they just want to keep them out. >> time now to answer the question of the morning. the question was a recent study asks what is the most annoying phrase people use on a daily basis? and there was one of them. was it... >> the answer is b, sorry about that. >> i had no idea. i don't hear those phrases too often. >> no, not at all. >> you said the phrase in your house was -- >> whatever, mom. >> in other words, nbd, no big deal. >> we have a check of the news before you go coming up next. keep it here.
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>> i'm olga breese in for howard bernstein. low pressure system swirling over memphis and nashville moving in our direction and kicking out some steady rainfall. we'll have rain heavy at times into the afternoon. that means steady cloud cover. temperatures only into the middle and upper 40s across most of the region. mike? >> thanks, olga. today is tuesday, december 22nd. a check of the news before you go. double murder suspect jamal clemons is in custody this morning. investigators in richmond say clemons shot and killed a couple on christmas eve and then took off in their suv. he apparently abandoned the suv once he figured out there was a toddler in the backseat. the child was not harmed. >> wizards fans -- the family of 33-year-old mitchell smith of bladensburg has still not heard from him. they last saw him as he left on an amtrak train for birming happen, alabama. he was completely blinded in a shooting a decade ago. wizard fans booed kris humphries aka, the former mr.
6:54 am
kim kardashian. he blows a 21-point lead, they fall to the nets. the wizards visit the hawks tomorrow night. early show begins in just about six minutes. chris wragge is standing by with a preview of what's coming up. >> mike, good morning. shoppers filled the stores the day after christmas looking for discounts. we'll have monday sales figures and show you why retailers are having a good season. we'll take a look at women hitting the shooting range in record numbers. some claim it is for sport. others self-defense. all the women claim they find a focus that's helping to redefine their femininity. my advice to you, stay on their good side. much more coming up on "the early show." >> thank you, chris. we'll have one more check of weather and traffic when 9news now returns. when it comes to getting my family to eat breakfast,
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>> a little christmas cheer on the subway in boston. >> with bells of holly. the season to be jolly. fa la la la la la. [ laughter ] >> the message sign read out the lyrics. the automated voice program read it outloud. the riders took the video and posted it online. she said it made passengers laugh and smile during the holiday season. however, the person behind the hack has a chance of being disciplined. >> it made people laugh and smile and feel good on christmas evening. >> with the rough economy and what we're dealing with, it is
6:59 am
nice to get a chuckle. >> olga says punish them. >> i think he should have gotten approval from his supervisor first. >> you're on your own, olga. >> good jobs are hard to keep. you don't want to give them a reason to scoot you out the door. >> as you step out the door this morning, take that umbrella. please. it is dry now. but the rain is going to come. moderate rain through the afternoon. heavy at times. it will be wet and sloppy until about 6:00. monika? >> taking a look live on the inbound side, disabled vehicle in the right lane after route 50 causing a bit of a slowdown. we'll take a live look into springfield slowing down from newington. also 270 looking great from germantown down to the point where the lanes divide. >> join us tomorrow morning from 4:25 to 7:00 a.m., learn how local police will keep the roads safe this year. learn what would be the 155th birthday of woodrow wilson. >> next on "the early show," they'll


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